Tuesday, January 14, 2014

hallo there, long time no see

We need to meet once again. We need to talk about the summer visit here. Let meet on Tuesday next week (Aug 21) in first break in conference room.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Truly Blessed

Today I was presented with some unbelievable news. Jelka and I have always talked about her coming back this summer to visit, I guess you could say dreamed about it. Today our dreams came true. My best friend is coming back for 20 days this summer. Just thinking about being re-united with somebody that means so much fills me with joy. It's so hard to say that last goodbye, but now knowing that I will get to see her soon makes everything better. GAPP has really impacted our lives, we've promised each other to be best friends for a lifetime. We're making this come true. This is a prime example of how impactful GAPP can be, it seems crazy that you can become best friends with somebody in just four weeks. But, it's even more crazy how you stay best friends with that person. I'm really looking forward to spending this time with my best friend, sister. There is no doubt that we won't enjoy every minute of it. This program really does great things. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I came home and everything was there where i left it. It looked like I never left this place, but something is definitely different....I still try to figure out what. Perhaps it is English here in my lessons, which sounds different and not like that i would like to her again. Something changed and i guess it is just me.With new ambition I am looking forward too finally come back after school. The US is gonna be my destination after one and a half year hard work. And luckily i will have my driver license until then.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It is strange to come back to our german school after 4 weeks in an american. Now I realized how different both systems really are and I begin to miss nearly everthing of the american one.
Our breaks are feeling like an eternety because of the short breaks there so the whole day went slowlier here then in the USA. First I thought the 5 minutes breaks would not work but now I think it is even better! Everthing was so funny, intresting and relaxed in the lessons in Charles City and when we went back to our school there is the old stressful day with hard lessons where you need attention every second of the class.
Furthermore I am surprised about what the exchange did with me. For example sometimes I can not think of a german word and have to say it in english which is weird but funny at the same time. I also get used to get up late during the week because the house of my hostfamily was just about 5 minutes away from school and here I need about an hour to be at our Gymnasium in Walsrode. What a great life in America!
Now we are back in Germany for a few days and it's really hard. I'm still tired and a little bit sick. But we have to go to school and have to work hard that we know everything we missed as we were in the USA. And still I'm missing my host family and Heather :( . And I hope they will come and visit me and my family someday ( hopefully next summer :D ).

First day of school back in Germany

This post is for Monday, the 5th November 2012, the first day of school after the Gapp Exchange and vacation.
It feels weird to be back home. I'm happy to have my family back of course but it still feels different now. Now that I'm back in Germany I have to deal with all those "normal" problems again and I have to deal with a normal day again. Everything was a lot easier in America, it was like a whole new start with new people in a new country. No one knew me and they were just so happy to have me there! Then you come back here and everything is just like it has been before (except all the new stuff they did in school, now I have to work really hard!). As I expected it's very hard to come back to your everyday life.
Furthermore I really, really miss my host family. I knew I had a wonderful time with them and an amazing family but I think I really realized how lucky I was/am that I got to know them and that I was able to spent such wonderful four weeks in America when I came back home. Thank you so so so so much Sarah, Emily and Julie for making it possible! I love you!!
I still have a horrible Jetlag and am always trying not to fall asleep during class or just saying a proper sentence. But I'm sure this is going to be over soon, so it's not that bad.
I really, really want to go back to America some day and hopefully stay longer ;)

Monday, November 5, 2012

3. November 2012: the first day after our GAPP exchange. At this morning I slept a long time, because the sleep at the plain was very short and the whole flight back very exhausting. But I was so glad to be home, I have missed my family and my friends the last days very much.
While I unpacked my suitcase I thought about the last 30 days and reminded me on all the nice things I had experienced there and all the people who had welcomed me so heartly in their country! :) I thought also about the differents between America and Germany and I realized that there are so many, for example the food, the people, the environment, the school etc.
When I thought about the exchange I noticed that I changed myself too. I got much more self reliant and independent, because I stayed so a long time without my family. Besides I noticed the kindness from the American people, which is different to German people, so I changed my way of thinking and I think I got more friendly about strangers and other people.
I had a very great time there and I am happy that I got the chance to go to America; it was so wonderful!
So all in all I think everybody should go to America once in a lifetime to see it and make an own picture of the whole country. This is an exciting new experience for everyone!